Join hands in the work

After looking through these pages, you may be wondering, "What can I do to help reach Japanese for Christ? What can I do from Mytown, USA?" This is a question that we love to hear. It shows that you really want to change your world for Christ.

Why not start with P.R.A.Y.E.R? We’ve come up with this acrostic for six ways that you can make an impact on your world for Christ. It’s not just a matter of taking out the checkbook. Keep reading!

P = Prepare mission-minded hearts

One of the most significant ways to help is by raising the awareness of our ministry, and the need for missions work worldwide.
Some of you are teachers. Others are social extroverts. Still others are social networkers. God can use your talent or social disposition to stimulate people in your church, small group, or circle of friends about missions in general, and Japan in specific.
A generation of baby-boomer missionaries are returning home after years of faithful service. Who will take their place? You have the opportunity to prepare mission-minded hearts now that may someday (perhaps sooner than you think) go overseas to serve, or become people who are enthusiastic and supportive of God's global mission.

P = Reinvest in God's kingdom work here

We think Japanese souls are worth busting a few piggy banks over. If you think so too, would you consider giving a small amount of support to our work here? You are giving to us through a reputable faith mission organization (WorldVenture) with a passion for the harvest.
God has blessed us with a wonderful prayer and support team back in the States. Many churches and individuals are giving generously so that we might focus on the work God has called us to here. They consider us an extension of their ministry here in Japan.
Regardless of the ministry or missionary, please pray about giving toward God's global cause. Human lives are an eternal investment that pay dividends that are out of this world!

A = Ask God for a spiritual harvest in Japan

Upon seeing the spiritual need around him, Jesus instructs his disciples in Matthew 9:38 to pray. Prayer is the overlooked action! We forget that God's kingdom is advancing on its knees as people pray.
Would you pray for us? The Home page has prayer requests in the top corner. The Newsletter page has many ongoing prayer needs. Also, sign up there to receive email updates. This is a significant ministry you can have for us, and the global task of missions.
What would happen if you committed to praying for Japan daily? You would be changed forever and so would Japan! Just think! You could someday meet someone in heaven from Japan who is there because you were interceding before our Lord in prayer. [See Video]

Y = You come and help out

You may ask yourself, "How could I go and help? I don't have the money. I don't have the time. I don't even know Japanese." But can you speak English? If you can there are some 126 million Japanese here that would love to get to know and learn from you!
Possibilities in your short-term ministry here include anything English (classes, camps, tutoring, Bible studies), compassion and relief work, music, tracting, train station evangelism, testimonies, children's events, summer Bible school, etc, etc. Whatever talent or skill you have we can
put to use for God's work here. What if, instead of taking that trip this year, you were to make Japan your destination? Imagine how life-changing it might be, and the difference you could make!

The Japan field is blessed with its own short-term coordinator in-country who will help coordinate the details of preparation, travel, orientation, on-field transportation, logistical support, and debriefing. Yes, you definitely could make a difference in your world. If you have been waiting for your Macedonian ("Japonian") call, this is it!

E = Encourage us. We get discouraged, too.

Believe it or not, your missionaries are real people! We get discouraged, tired, frustrated, and lonely just like you. These feelings are often heightened by working away from friends and loved ones overseas in isolated situations, and by working in a field that is "thorny soil" where results come slowly. It can overwhelm us at times.
Nothing has blessed our heart more than to pull in a church parking lot and see the marquee: "Welcome home, Kevin and Kaori." The truth is that we miss home. So, when we return home, please welcome us home heartily. Invite us out for coffee and pie (no pies in Japan). Sharing and
laughing with you about our experiences is therapeutic for us! You might ask if we need anything for our time in the States.

You might send a care package, birthday card (
birthdates) or Christmas present. There are many items from the States that we cannot get here. Though we've learned to do without, a "taste from home" is always nice. Please ask us what we might like or need, particularly if someone you know is traveling to or from Japan. And don't forget that we have an MK with member care needs, too.

R = Relay contacts and networking info

One practical way you can help is by introducing us to people in your network. You may know someone living or moving to our area in Japan. Or, you know someone who can help us in a specific way.
Start by connecting with us on the social links in the footer of this page. Please link this website to your blog/website.

Think for a minute:
1) Do you know someone with a burden for Asia/Japan that might want to be involved with us, or support our work?
2) Do you know of Japanese exchange students who may be returning (or have returned) to the Tokyo, Kawasaki or Yokohama area?

3) Do you know of any Japanese families that you/your church have had a connection with and live in the Tokyo area?

4) Do you know of any American Christian professionals or military personnel who either reside in Japan or travel to Japan frequently?

5) Do you know of a mature believer in the Tokyo area with an evangelical background that may be interested in helping in our work?

6) Do you know of someone, perhaps in your church, who might be willing to be involved in short-term ministry with in Japan, and who you would feel comfortable referring to us/WorldVenture?

Our View of Partnership & Giving

We are missionaries under a faith mission, WorldVenture. As a faith mission, there is no central funding out of which our salary can be guaranteed. Each missionary is responsible to raise their own support network of people and churches.

Missionaries often feel awkward about the business of raising support. Finances are a sensitive subject for many people. We don't want to cause misunderstanding or give negative impressions about faith missions or our intentions.
It's really the vision for the harvest that we want people to see and support.
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So, we try to be low-key in our support raising, yet honest about our needs. We take clues from our colleague, missionary Paul, who humbly yet openly shared his need with churches [1 Cor. 9:1-18], and thanked them for their generosity [Phil. 4:10-19].

Although support raising is sometimes an uncomfortable matter, we take the view that giving to missions provides God's
We are grateful to our support network of: 21 churches and 60+ individuals on the east coast and in the midwest.
people with an opportunity to join in a work they have a heart for, but can't do themselves. It opens the door for great partnerships!

To be sure, it's not about us. It's
really God's work and the vision for the harvest that we want people to see and support. So, in raising support, we simply want to tell people what God is doing, and invite them to be a part of it with us. That happens in many ways. Financial support is just one.
Check out our vision. If you feel led to be a giving partner in this work, please use this link to give online.

Our Commitments to You

We are committed to using resources God gives us — time, talent, and treasure — with diligence and integrity. It is our desire to be accountable before God, and to you, our supporters, with the way that we best steward for His kingdom what has been entrusted us.
  • To work ambitiously for Christ's cause on your behalf. [Tell me more]
  • To stretch financial resources God provides to our best ability. [How?]
  • To improve ourselves and improve our ministry impact. [How?]
  • To communicate with you regularly in a variety of ways. [Like what?]

Prayerwalk for Japan!

Walk our ground and pray for the people and neighborhood! Here's three versions of prayerwalking for Japan to fit any reality:
Come here version [Details]
Virtual version [Details]
Walk there version [Details]
My favorite time of day is the walk I take in late afternoon 4~5 times a week. Sometimes I combine it with flyer posting. But usually my method is simply this:

1) Walk the stretch of river or canal near us. Plenty of people walking about here!

2) When someone approaches from the opposite direction, make friendly eye contact and say "konnichiwa" (hello)…unless the person is talking on their cell phone, listening to their iPod, or riding a bike with kids on the back.
3) Pray for the person I've just greeted. I let the Holy Spirit lead me what to silently say. Nothing long-winded. Just a quick sentence prayer.

I once counted the number of people with whom I exchanged greetings. It was 96. So in a year I figure I can pray for nearly 25,000 people individually.

How about you? Here's a definite spiritual impact you can make in Japan. Try one of the prayerwalk versions above!

Thanks for your great support of us!

We know that this work is only possible because of a great
God, and a great team of people behind us. Thanks to you and your support of our family, we are here reaching Japanese for Christ. We are grateful to you for "your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now" (Philippians 1:5). Thank you for your love and care for our family!
In 1858, missionary Hudson Taylor wrote, "If I had a thousand lives, China should have them all. No! Not China, but Christ. Can we do too much for him?

We feel the same about Japan. Christ is worthy of all we have to give. How about you? What might you do to reach Japanese with the gospel? God gladly multiplies any effort for His Kingdom placed in his hands by faith.

God may not be leading you to become a career missionary, but he has called you to be missional: intentionally reaching people for Christ in every means possible. You can help us in Japan! Look around this page for ideas.
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Spread the Word!

Okay you social network junkies (you know who you are). We can use your help to get the word out about our work in Japan. See that thumbs up on the lower left of your screen? You know what to do.

Be a Host Family

Many Japanese want a taste of American culture and family life. They want an English immersion experience. They'd like to build friendships with English-speaking people. They have the financial means and desire to travel.

You can make a difference by welcoming Japanese to your home. If your family is willing to host a young Japanese student for a week or two (or longer), you can have a great impact on them for eternity.

In addition to showing them around some local places of interest, get them connected with your church youth group or adult group activities. Go together to a worship service, or small Bible study group. They will initially see this as a way of experiencing and understanding American life. But God will work in their hearts. Your Christian welcome and love and a church's testimony can gently change their perspective on Christianity.

Every year thousands of Japanese place their faith in Christ while overseas. You can be a part of this spiritual harvest! Your family can learn much about another culture, too! You can expect that your guest will cover their room, food, and excursion expenses so the financial burden will not be borne by you.

Get started by registering through a few trusted Christian homestay organizations below. Get more information there. Let us know of your desire as well. We want to keep a list of people we might refer to for homestay possibilities.

American Home Life
Homestay International
Agape English Language Institute
Your Language Connection
Intervarsity Homestay Information

If you live near a major urban area, be sure to also let a
local Japanese church [LIST] know that you are willing to be a host family.

Come Short-term

Do you sense God's challenge to go on a short mission trip? Have you become burdened for the people of Japan? We welcome church teams and individuals!

If you're looking for the thrill and intrigue of international travel in East Asia…then you may need to contact your favorite travel agency.

But if you are a committed Christian and committed to working hard and using your talents to advance His kingdom here, please read our
brochure here and the "come" tab at the above left.

Evangelism Helps

Have you become friendly with a Japanese person in your workplace, school or community? Want to share your faith, but not sure what would be meaningful to them? Here are some resources in their own heart language of Japanese.

Making Friends with Japanese
A PDF with good helps to understanding and communicating with your Japanese friend.

Denen Grace Chapel
Our church plant's website. Bible messages, FAQ about Christianity, video and more in Japanese.

Our Daily Bread
RBC's Japanese version of their beloved daily devotional online.

The Living Bible
YouVersion's very readable online Japanese Bible. Gospel of John.

Hope for Living
Japanese Christian stories of hope from the tsunami and more.

God Loves You
The 4 Spiritual Laws evangelistic message. Manga version

Manga Messiah for iPhone/iPad
Comic-book style Bible edition available on iTunes.
I for Japan. Japan for the World. The World for Christ. And All for the Glory of God.

— Kanzo Uchimura, Japanese Evangelist

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